Bassett-Lowke Society

The Bassett-Lowke society caters for those interested in the products of Bassett-Lowke Ltd, in particular model railway equipment, but also including model ships and other model engineering items. The society also welcomes those interested in the other model railway and model engineering makes of the same period, such as Bing, Carette, Mills, Leeds, Bonds 'o Euston Road, Douglass, Exley, CCW etc.

The Bassett-Lowke society holds quarterly meetings, and the society layout is shown at exhibitions and train fairs around the country. There is a quarterly news letter, and the society also publishes a directory of spares. The main aim of the society is the running of model trains and the operation of model engineering items, but the society also actively pursues the preservation of Bassett-Lowke items, and encourages research into the history of the company.

As far as we are aware all organised events in the foreseeable future have been cancelled. As soon as restrictions are lifted we will update this site.



Please note that the Bassettt Lowke Society Guidelines for the use of 0 Gauge Live Steam Locomotives are available via the "LIVE STEAM" button on the sidebar. For Bassett Lowke Society sponsored events the processes and procedures are MANDATORY, and the use of them will be inspected by a member of the organising team for that event.


For details of the society fleeces, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and aprons please

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